Custom Glass Table Tops

Custom Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops are ideal for home or business. From the boardroom to dining room, protect your table with glass while showing off the beauty of your wood table. Clifton Park Glass & Mirror can cut most any shape of glass to protect your existing furniture. We also have several different colors and patterns to choose from.

Cut to any Shape and Size.

Your Choice of Color and Edgework. (Beveling or Polishing)

Let us replace your damaged patio furniture tabletops.

Because glass tabletops are so versatile – many different items can be used as the base for your new table.

Create a coffee table by adding a glass tabletop to two large flowerpots, two stacks of coffee table books, or an old steamer trunk or footlocker.

Cut off the legs of an old table or desk to give it new life as a coffee table.

Make a lamp table by adding a small glass tabletop to a stack of coffee-table books. or buy inexpensive particleboard tables and cover them with a full-length round tablecloth.

Gain useful and attractive space by topping a row of file cabinets with beautiful glass top.

Available with safety glass and rounded edges.

Any Space where distinctive design and craftsmanship is appreciated.

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