California Paints


Clifton Park Glass & California Paints

We are dedicated to offering a high-quality selection of interior paint and exterior paint in any color necessary for your next painting project. California Paints is committed to providing the highest quality interior and exterior paint, including the #1 rated exterior paint. Dedicated to fostering local communities, Clifton Park Glass is an exclusive dealer for California Paints.

We offer cutting edge color tools and systems to professionals and end users. If you are searching for timeless classics or undiscovered trends, we offer guidance and quality paint colors to suit any taste.

We are one of the rare paint companies that base all of our premium paint lines on 100% Acrylic latex technology. Our innovative spirit and cutting-edge manufacturing process enables us to create one bar-raising product after another. Rigorous lab testing and a consistent best-in-class development goal, demonstrate our dedication in delivering to customers who demand the best.