Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass Replacement

Insulated glass is used in windows, doors, and sloped glazing when energy efficiency is important concern.

An insulated glass seal is a window made up of two or more layers of glass together in a track or frame. A gasketed channel separates the two pieces of glass. when a gasket fails or the glass is damaged, the inert gas escapes and moisture-laden air is drawn into the space. This has a large effect on the insulation value of the window and will also affect the visibility through the glass.

When this happens, the window will look dirty or foggy and regardless of cleaning methods. The foggy or filmy surface is between the two panes of glass and not on the outer surfaces. If there is a lot of moisture in the air you may also see condensation on the interior.

If your insulated unit has become foggy or is broken, you are losing money for heating and cooling your home, not to mention not being able to see out of the window.

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Insulvue™ is the top of the line in insulating glass in terms of seal longevity and structural integrity. Insulvue’s dual-seal construction is characterized by an induction-welded, anodized, uninterrupted, aluminum airspace with four “bent” corners, the hallmark benefit of Lisec insulating glass equipment which is widely held to be among the world’s best.

The primary seal is polyisobutylene (PIB), the most effective barrier to moisture vapor and water. Our secondary seal consists of polysulfide for conventionally glazed applications, or silicone for structural-glazed applications.

We offer Azon Warm-Light thermally broken airspace material for “Warm Edge” energy efficiency and structural integrity

Clifton Park Glass offers numerous aesthetic and performance options. Regular annealed, tempered or laminated glass, clear or in colors (bronze, gray, dark gray, green, dark green, blue-green and blue)—with or without reflective coatings—can be combined with clear or medium or high performance “soft coat” Low-E or obscure glass. Size ranges from 7” x 14” to 78” x 120”.

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